Joe Van Gogh Organic Cafe Femenino Coffee

"Great coffee doing great things."

Joe Van Gogh's Cafe Femenino Coffee is an organic, fair trade coffee, sourced from Northern Peru, with notes of cocoa nibs and semi-sweet chocolate.  This coffee is smooth and aromatic, with an appealing and easy drinking medium roast.  

In addition to being a phenomenal coffee, your purchase helps support an incredible initiative to better the lives of the people in the coffee-growing region.  Since becoming Fair Trade certified, the revenue generated through sales has allowed the cooperative to improve over 100 kilometers of roads, promote quality control over their coffee growing practices, provide pre-harvest credit to farmers during the off season, and employ healthcare professionals.

The cooperative is also committed to empowering over 460 women farmers in Peru by giving them a sense of social and financial independence through the Cafe Femenino coffee project. The goal of the project was to allow the women to grow and harvest their own coffee under the name: Cafe Femenino. Today, with the popularity and success of the program, Cafe Femenino has expanded into several different countries to help and empower over 4000 women.

 Available in whole bean or ground, order by Thursday and we will deliver the following week!

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