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Meet The Chef


Chef Meredith Antunez

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!

I'm Chef Meredith, and along with a small (but mighty) staff, I own and operate Tastefully Served.

People are always curious how I came to be a chef; it’s not a typical profession, especially for a woman.  I always say I didn’t have a choice.  I set out to earn some extra money bussing tables at a restaurant while I was in college and fell head over heels for the entire industry.  I begged my way into the kitchen, working for free, and as soon as I graduated I set off for culinary school and never looked back.  I love every single thing about hospitality and my ultimate goal was to be an executive chef and someday open my own restaurant.  I traveled the country (and the world!) cooking incredible food in some amazing places and was as surprised as anyone when I felt the pull to come home to North Carolina to be closer to my family.  After meeting my husband and having 2 kids, I realized that following that initial restaurant dream might not balance so well with raising a family, so I redirected my efforts and started Tastefully Served to bring chef-quality meals to people at home.  

When I started this business, I never could have imagined the people I would have the opportunity to serve- busy moms who get to take a night off (not just from cooking but from mom guilt!) knowing they are serving their families wholesome scratch-made meals.  People wanting to send a meal from across the country to a friend recovering from surgery or a colleague who just lost a parent.  Clients who have literally ordered our food weekly for years and tell me that our meals are the best part of their day.  Food is personal and for me, cooking is personal, too.  At my culinary school graduation, the speaker told our class, "Love people. And feed them." That is what we do here at Tastefully Served.


I have enjoyed working with individual families as a personal chef for the last several years, as well as cooking for my own family- my husband, Frank, and my two young children.

A Few Highlights About Myself:

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