Reviews - Tastefully Served


"Love this service...pretty much provides 75% of my dinners! The most economical and delicious meal delivery service by far. Favorite dishes so far...Crab Cakes, Coq Au Vin, Pork Tenderloin, and Baked Ziti!!"  -Cindy B.


"Over Christmas our boss learned about the convenience of Tastefully served and gifted dinner for us from there!!  The Chicken Parm was great and a big hit with me, so I decided to create an account and continue giving Tastefully served my business!!"  -Candace M.


"I have asked if Chef Meredith could come and live with me!!!  What a delight to know I have a chef prepared meal (or two) waiting for me at the end of the day.  When I get home there is a new presence around and it is called "relaxing".  It is so nice to change clothes, walk my dog, watch the news, or do whatever I want while my chef prepared meal is reheating.  Everything I've had thus far has been really good but my favorite has been the perfectly cooked salmon and the creamed spinach.  I could eat this every week "hint hint".  I'm having the Pork Tenderloin  tonight and am already feeling relaxed.  I wish Tastefully Served the very  best for continued success."    -Jane P.


"The food is fantastic!!  Great selection,  great taste,  great price,  already cooked and delivered too!  My most favorite meals the are lasagna,  ziti,  coq au Vin, and beef stroganoff.   It's also really fun to try new foods I have never tasted before!!!"  -Nancy A.


"Love the food, love the convenience,  love the value, You can tell a big step above prepared dinning options.  The quality, freshness and the little flavor's  that make a big difference.  I have ordered something every week for the past couple months and both Kim and I look forward to those evening meals. Oh yeah, 30 second clean up.. I love to cook but not every night however I like to eat well every night.  Keep it up guys, a real fan."      -Tim R.


"I am a 35-year-old single woman who hates to cook. Tastefully Served is a godsend! I am so glad I stumbled across it. Everything has been delicious so far and I love knowing that I'm getting a healthy meal without having to spend a fortune. I usually work long days (10+ hours) and the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend another hour in the kitchen. This service is wonderful and I've been talking it up to anyone who will listen. Thanks a million!"  -Jenny A.


"When my husband recently had back surgery our out-of-State son and daughter-in-law sent us a Tastefully Served gift certificate. I promptly ordered from them not knowing what to expect as far as freshness, taste, portion etc…  I was thrilled when it was delivered already prepared with easy to heat instructions, both microwavable or in the oven. I cannot say enough about how delicious and wonderful the food is. The ingredients are fresh and perfectly proportioned. We’re hooked. We have since ordered two meals a week and have never been disappointed. Bravo Tastefully Served."     -Donna H.


"A friend who has been enjoying Tastefully Served recommended that my husband and give them a try. So glad we did! I'm at "the age" where I've grown tired of shopping, chopping, cooking etc. What a treat to have an already prepared meal one or more times per week. The servings are generous, and we often have leftovers for lunch another day.  We do recommend Tastefully Served."   -Judy W.