Hey, Triangle, what’s for dinner?

Hey, Triangle, what’s for dinner?

It’s an age-old question. And let’s face it, there are some days when there’s just not a good answer.

Maybe you had a plan, a great plan, UNTIL ….

  • You worked a 12 or 13-hour day.
  • The kids were late getting out of soccer practice.
  • The dog had to go to the vet.

We’ve all been there.

You don’t want fast food. There’s not enough time to shop and then cook. And there’s nothing appealing in your freezer. (And if you’ve got kids, you know they want food sooner rather than later!)

Sometimes the day just goes sideways on you. And that’s where we come in….

Raleigh-based Tastefully Served provides delicious, seasonal, and healthy meals, prepared by a professional chef and delivered for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home – at an affordable price.

We require no weekly obligation or subscription – and no minimum order.

Your meals will arrive in special containers that can go in both the oven and microwave. Just heat and serve. In as little as 30-40 minutes - or one nice glass of wine! - you can have a delicious meal that goes from oven to table.

Imagine the luxury of coming home after a hard day, knowing that dinner is taken care of, that you just need to open the fridge and make a selection from your Tastefully Served entrees. Healthy, delicious meals, freshly prepared for you without preservatives or artificial ingredients – and you won’t spend a fortune.

No grocery shopping, no recipes, no prep, no cooking, no mess – hooray!

Click here to see how it all works, or if you’re ready to order, check out our menu.